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The processes involved with the design, set up and maintenance of an affordable website has changed immensely since the Internet first came into existence. No longer does a business owner or sole proprietor need to hire a technical webmaster with skills such as hard-coding HTML, or a brainiac Perl script programmer, or even a creative designer. Rarely is the term “CGI bin” ever used anymore in the web design business, and even if it is, the website owner rarely needs to know what that term means.

Even paying outrageous prices for sleek web designs or website hosting is no longer the norm. Quality web designs and web hosting for less money are now not only possible, but demanded by businesses of all sizes.

Web Designs: You Get What You Pay For

For years, and even still today, those looking to set up a website could surf the Internet and find untold numbers of self-proclaimed “cheap” web designers willing to create a website for a nominal fee. And more often than not, those seekers choosing this inexpensive way to establish an Internet presence got what they paid for: poor graphics, confusing site and page layouts, sub-par content, and code that sometimes worked, and sometimes didn’t.

Now you can get your business on the Internet fast track at an affordable price without sacrificing quality with Web for Less. The right optimized website with an attractive design can significantly increase your sales potential. Web For Less is one of many web design businesses offering to construct your website for less than the “big dogs” charge. The difference is, at Web For Less, you get unparalleled, personal customer service. Web For Less is a one-woman sole proprietorship dedicated to your complete satisfaction with the design and operation of your website.

Web Designs: As Easy As Pie

If you are a motivated business owner, you too can own and maintain a top notch website with very little cost and effort. There are many free Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market today which make web design and website maintenance nearly as easy as creating and sending an email. Web For Less will get you started toward being your own “webmaster” by assisting you in securing your domain name and site hosting services, installing your CMS and completing the initial setup and configurations, and providing you with personalized training and user-friendly documentation to get you going and keep you going.

Web Designs: The Smart Way

To introduce you to the Web For Less service, you can get a WordPress or Joomla installation, a free WordPress or Joomla theme (the look and feel of your site) installed, 15 free plugins or extensions (tools that give your site functionality, such as contact forms, managing clients, etc.) installed and configured for only $500. Plus, for a limited time, Web For Less will design a banner, a logo or other graphic – a $100 value – FREE! (With the purchase of a WordPress or Joomla Site Setup and Configuration package.)

When your website is complete, you will be walked through a personalized, 2-hour Dashboard training session via telephone or video conference call, and all of your questions will be answered. You will feel comfortable with maintaining your website when done. Additionally, up to 25 of your support questions will be answered free via email. Plus, you will be able to access a user’s forum (coming soon!) where WordPress and Joomla users help each other with their websites.

Visit the “Getting Started” page and learn how quickly and easily your web presence can be developed and earning money for you. If you would like a quote for web design services other than those listed in our store, please contact Web for Less using this request quote form.

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